Presentation of the Organization 


International Union of Romanian Women, UNIFERO, Inc. is a nonprofit, and non-governmental organization established in Atlanta, The United States of America

11 years ago, with members in different countries of the world, most of them actively engaged in the field of education and not only.


UNIFERO dedicates its activities to the identification and solution finding for difficult situations that young girls, women and their families all over the world (Romanian women among them) are confronted with.


Thus, our constituents are women and young people of different ages, professional background, religious denomination, ethnicity, and residence who need help against discrimination of any kind, trafficking and abuse, neglect or violence, human trafficking, for education and a better peaceful world.


We are here for those of them who need to find a way to education or re-training, for the inclusion in our society, recognition of their qualities and potential, for the benefit of the global family. We are helped in our activities by men colleagues, too, and this is what makes us unique.


Our efforts have been recognized by American, Romanian, European and other authorities.


Please join us to make our world a more inclusive, meaningful and better place to create, educate, and live.


We believe that no human being is a child of a “lesser God”!


Thank you.


Prof. Smaranda CAZAN-LIVESCU

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President and Founder: Prof. Smaranda CAZAN-LIVESCU                                         * 678-847-1313